Welcome to CITWIN Project

A generic digital twin framework to foster sustainable mobility in the 15mC (CITWIN)

To implement the 15-minute city concept in urban areas, we need to rethink and reorganise our mobility systems. Digitalisation is a key factor in this process, with digital twins being one of the promising technologies to be utilised. In the CITWIN project, we aim to explore this potential by developing a generic digital twin framework that allows us to model potential changes to active transport infrastructure in urban areas, explore and simulate the impact of such changes, and evaluate their contribution towards the realisation of a 15-minute city. To make the framework applicable within the 15-minute city context, we will explicitly model and evaluate human-centric dimensions inside the digital twin. Two urban living labs will be established in the cities of Aarhus and Eskilstuna and serve as a testbed for the developments within the project. By engaging with stakeholders and incorporating their input, the CITWIN project aims to create a digital twin framework that is both effective and responsive to the needs of those it serves.